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By Habib Porges

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By Habib Porges

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Habib Porges is an American author who has spent his life in the pursuit of unlocking the potential of the mind and how doing so can alter and improve our lives. He holds several degrees in kinesiology, psychology, physiology and worked as a university professor for over two decades before turning his focus and attentions to writing.

His books are highly acclaimed as the ultimate authority in exploring aspects of the human mind relating to discovering natural ways to bypass and overcome crippling disorders such as depression and anxiety. Habib has always found great interest in how we think and what we feel, leading him to a stellar academic career he has now transformed into a successful book series.

Passionate in all he does, Habib has become quite the painter. What first started as a hobby to clear his mind, he quickly discovered the restorative properties stemming from repetitive brush strokes as the vision in his mind is realized. It is through this simple act he is most at peace within himself.

Habib is a proud grandfather to seven. He enjoys spending quality time with family, attributing their love for keeping him feeling young. It is through them Habib has remained grounded for his long life. Their presence is enough to inspire his next phase of research and the resulting book.

Habib continues to write, hoping that his books will help those in need and that, he admits, is the true reward.

To learn more about Habib and his research into the depths of the human mind, you can join his facebook group.


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